Filastine “£00T” Album Presentation in Berlin

On 5 Juni, 2012

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+++1st floor (Dubstep, Future Bass)+++

FILASTINE (ES/US) & NOVA (INO) – live A/V (Muti Music/Jarring Effects/Postworld Ind.) DJ

Mohak /// (IF THE KIDS / re.titled)
Dazid /// (re.titled/Impulse Berlin)
Lebowski /// (re.titled/Impulse Berlin)
Luc Masera /// (Antibling Promassive)

VJ Ivtephx (Santi Y El Lobo) /// (Hyper Trendy League)

+++2nd floor (Techno, Techhouse, Breaks)+++

Neokortex /// (Robox Neotech / IF THE KIDS)
Flip Marlou /// (Your Mum!)
Mars Leder /// (Morlox / Your Mum!)

Deko: lashopp & Mohak
Fotos: Lena Speckmann
+ Tanzperformance +

Outernational bass music nomad FILASTINE ups the ante with £00T. Fractured post-dubstep beat innovations support delicate string arrangements. Overdriven bass synths battle pentatonic gong patterns. Listen closely and listen loud.

Looting from the coffers of hip-hop, moombahton, dubstep and cumbia, Filastine keeps the bass pressure pumping and drums up front. But any similarity to club music genres ends quickly. While a growing tropical bass movement hypes a pan-global dance party, Filastine blazes a different path. Intricate polyrhythms, muted balkan trumpets, ephemeral soundscapes, and unique vocal contributions push this album off the known map into uncharted musical territory.

A new re-tooled live set uses custom software to pull off some deep AV madness, and sees Filastine expanding to tour as a duo, joined onstage by a vocalist Nova.


presented by ITK & re.titled

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RAUM, Ziegrastr.15 (next to Estrel Hotel), 4th Floor, 12057 Berlin-Neukölln

S-Bhf Sonnenallee