First Release “Waiting The Summer”

On 29 April, 2011

Yo, since we are all waiting for the summer to hit us full power with sun energy, we decided to push things forward and entitled our first release “Waiting The Summer”, dropping  digitally on May 1! The bring more sun into your speakers, it´s our Southers pals Mimi The Hedgehog from France and KungFused from Spain on the treats, giving you a little bumping party with supreme techno and delicious drum & bass!

Head over to our music page to get your first copies there, and stay tuned for more sound pressure goodness / free downloads we´ll provide later for a happy week-end or a happy demonstration / riot en la calle / fiesta on the 1st of May.

There´ll also be a bad ass prize draw next week for the ones among you, who like to play with words, so check by soon!

Next to our site you´ll find the release in all sorts of digital stores, too.