ITK Radio #6 – December 2011 – w/ Fonotecq

On 16 Dezember, 2011

Hey, yes we are live tonight again, this time with a special mix coming from Fonotecq out of Bucharest, Romania, playing some Juke, Footwork, UK Bass and generally awesome beats. Check out their website and facebook, as they update the content daily, covering a wide range of music. In the mix Denisse from Fonotecq put a whole bunch of interesting tracks from Ossie to Hackman, Brenmar, Sully, Om Unit, Gongon´s forthcoming “Come Around” on Wellrounded Records, plus an exclusive intro from talented Romanian producer Raox. Yeah, I guess this just means keep your eyes peeled for Romanias up-and-coming music scene! If someone is up-to-date then them.

Guest mix in the second half of the show, me playing the first part. from 22 – 0h UK time, 23 – 1h Berlin time.

Update: Upload is ready! Well, sometimes it takes two days and not one, but better late then never. Enjoy!

Tracklis and DOWNLOAD of Fonotecq´s Mix after the jump:

Raox  -  Spectral [Exclusive]

A1 Bassline  -  Buoyancy

Presk & Cinnaman  -  Sweat (Jon Convex Remix)

Foamo  -  Vibrations

Brenmar  -  Temperature Rising

Maribou State  -  Got Me Down (Jason Burns Remix)

123mrk  -  Weird

Om Unit – Vibrations (Machinedrum  Remix)

Eliphio – You?ll Know

Lando Kal  -  Further

Hackman  -  Agree To Disagree

Darling Farah  -  Division

Blawan  -  Peaches

Popof  -  Dancing Moon

Sully  -  Let You

Bwana  -  When There Is Nothing Left (Jack Dixon Remix)

Gongon  -  Come Around [forthcoming Well Rounded Records]

Ossie  -  Peace & Love

Groucho Marx  -  All That Mattered (Donga & Blake Re-edit)

Author – Fix

DOWNLOAD Fonotecq Mix here