[ITK002] Dolomites Hype

On 30 September, 2011

Bang Bang Berlin

The 8 Bit Balkan EP does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering a delightfully bonkers chiptunes take on the traditional music of Southeastern Europe. Right now, I’m picturing an arcade game where I lay waste to U-Bahn buskers with an empty Club Mate bottle. LOL.[...]“


Untimely Sound

“Dolomites releases this amazing EP of super sexy Gyptune heaters on 19th Sept from If The Kids Records. I’m getting strong Monkey Island vibes here, especially from Queen of the Game and In Mid-Flight 723 (which also has a kind of Star Wars-y last 5 seconds… Lucasfilm references abound). None of these are particularly club bangers – though Full Blown has that sexy Balkan dembow which could definitely set a dancefloor off if you picked your moment – but this is really well crafted stuff and makes for a unique, atmospheric listening experience… Just a shame there’s not more – hopefully there’s an LP in the works.”



The DolomitesStevhen Koji Iancu’nun 98′den beridir sürdürdüğü projesinin ismi. Romen köklerinin getirdiği Balkan havasını 8-bit, chiptune, glitch ve cumbia ile birleştirmiş. Ortaya çıkan müthiş çorba, peş peşe dinleme ihtiyacı hissettirip daha fazlasını istetiyor bünyeye.  Daha evvelki releaselerini dinlememiştim ama eminim ki şimdi adamın diskografisini deşeceğim.

19 Eylül’de If The Kids Records’tan çıkacak bu EPye muhakkak kulak kabartın.”


Fftang! Fftang!

“Ahhh chiptune… you novelty wag. Surely it can’t be too controversial to say it’s always been a bit of a thin premise for a genre. More of a concept album ran amok. How. Ever. This EP from Dolomites uses the 8bit bleep bloop to great effect. Gameboy gypsy wonk for drunkenly maudlin robots. And was that a snatch of the Star Wars soundtrack I hear in there?”


Joro Boro, NYC (Rubulat, Etnotek Specialist)

Dolomites (whom I discovered when working on the Mehanata compilation years ago) has been working on his own version of West Coast Bass based on his melancholic accordion sound filtered through 8-bit video game glitch aesthetic and has created a unique musical niche in the Bay Area. Now he is expanding the niche with the help of another friend DJ Mohakfrom Berlin (read her fantastic blog here) and releasing an EP of his new sound on her recently founded label If The Kids Records.”


Kid606, Berlin (Tigerbeat6 / Tigerbass / Shockout)

“awesome release, i love it!!!!! thanks sooo much for sending!!!!”

Unsoundbwoy, Australia (Croking Lizard / Grindthieves)

“have been excited about this since seeing the video on youtube! stunning EP, totally my thing”


Earconditioning 75 (sunhole.net / eFM) by D.WattsRiot (Fun-Da-Mental)

10th September / 13th September 2011