Introducing: Urban Exploration

We are delighted to announce our new addition to the label, analog experimental techno team Urban Exploration from Leeds! Their 4-track EP "Subterranean" is coming out the 28th of February with two haunting athmospheric downtempo tracks and two ba...

13th Feb

DJ Mixes: Neokortex & Mohak

Our man Neokortex, who did a remix of KungFused s "Toxic People", just put a very glitchy, very vinyl, very special mix together. Not to be missed! And label owner Mohak got into a warehouse feeling and did a bouncy techno mix. Party!

11th Feb

“Something Special 4 U” out on Beatport today


06th Feb
Preview: KungFused - Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

“Something Special 4 U” EP by KungFused out now

Yes, we were waiting for the moment to come, I hope you are as excited as we are, because KungFused s first solo EP "Something Special 4 U" is finally available! Get it first at our bandcamp page, but if you are more familiar with Juno, Amazon, i...

31st Jan
Preview: KungFused - Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

Something Special 4 U – Music Video

Oh we are so stocked that we got a video for KungFused s new EP "Something Special 4 U" from the talented duo Bicephalous Monster from Berlin. This is the real deal, skulls, monsters, retro KungFu-Fighters, explicit lyrics from KungFused, motherf...

25th Jan

Preview: KungFused – Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

Oh boy, are we proud, motherfu**ing hell! This EP is a piece of sh**t f***ing work that has been put together, only with the finest of the finest people! KungFused from Barcelona on the beat/core/sampling buttons, Neokortex from Berlin and unsound...

23rd Jan
Preview: KungFused - Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

ITK Radio #7 – January 2012 – w/ Urban Exploration

New year new tingz! ITK has 2 new releases coming up in February - KungFused "Something Special 4 U" and Urban Exploration "Subterranean", of which I included a few tracks in this show. No talking this time (really sorry for that) but due to some ...

21st Jan

KungFused set_ NEEEXT

Tracklist after the jump: FREESTYLERS - Right On (DaVIP Rmx) DATSIK - Retreat (Elite Force Rmx) STICKY - Jumeirah Riddim BURAKA SOM SISTEMA - Wegue Wegue FIGHT STARTER - Digital Streams KUNGFUSED - No Way DURAN DURAN DURAN - Face Blast BIZZY B - D...

19th Jan

Dolomites – Queen of the Game (Video)

The "8Bit Balkan" EP (ITK002) release is a while back and since then The Dolomites have been working hard on a video for "Queen of the Game", it got delayed several times due to youtube policy of whoever knows what problems they have over there. B...

15th Jan