What´s that skull all about anyways?

Some of you might have wondered, what our skull logo means, and what IF THE KIDS Records is all about, apart form releasing global electronic music, that is difficult to categorize, put in a box, compare to anything else or predict what s going t...

08th Nov
What´s that skull all about anyways?

Dolomites Review on Bloggertronix

This one really struck a chord. "I was sent this release a month or so ago but was too busy with moving from Geneva to France to post about it...needless to say if I am writing about it now, it's been on heavy rotation since I first heard it! This...

08th Nov

Bang Bang Review about “Dolomites – 8Bit Balkan”

BangBang showed us some love and reviewed Dolomites release "8Bit Balkan"! "The 8 Bit Balkan EP does exactly what it says on the tin, delivering a delightfully bonkers chiptunes take on the traditional music of Southeastern Europe. Right now, I'...

03rd Nov
Bang Bang Review about "Dolomites - 8Bit Balkan"

Mimi The Hedgehog @ WALL OF SOUND, 29th October

The independent radio station FMR 89.1MHz from Toulouse is celebrating it s 30st birthday and hence throwing a massive party called WALL OF SOUND at Mix`Art with all sorts of great Frenchy acts from hip hop to dubstep. Our man Mimi The Hedgehog i...

24th Okt
Mimi The Hedgehog @ WALL OF SOUND, 29th October

ITK Radio #4

Yesterday s show on Spaceinvaderradio.com for your listening pleasure! Go occupy Wall Street, the Reichstag or Plaza Catalunya, but don t forget to take this as your personal sound of the revolution with you!!! ITK radio #4 on Mixcloud ITK radio...

22nd Okt

Dolomites aka Stefanko Selecta Mix for Art Outside Festival

Dolomites played two shows at Art Outside Festival in Austin Texas, which took place between 7th and 10th October, one as the original Dolomites and one as Stefanko Selecta. Have a listen to Stefanko s mix!

15th Okt
Dolomites aka Stefanko Selecta Mix for Art Outside Festival

KungFused at Tacheles Pic´s

We had a blast! Have a look at our party shots w/ KungFused at Tacheles on facebook and become a fan, if you haven t already! ITK presents KungFused at Tacheles, Berlin Stylewise she went stepping and looping from Jungle to Digi-Dancehall, passin...

08th Okt
KungFused at Tacheles Pic´s

Unsoundbwoy at Disorder (AUS) live

reppin Dolomites and KungFused Tracklisting below 1. Dolomites - Queen of the Game 2. unsoundbwoy - Bottom Shelf Kolo 3. Bit Much - Where the Ragga Men Go? 4. Raiden - Manapiare (unsoundbwoy edit) 5. M-Phases ft. Dialectrix - The Facilitator (acap...

05th Okt

Dolomites @ Art Outside, Texas

Dolomites will be performing a live show at the 7th Art Outside Festival at Apache Pass in Downtown Texas, which takes place between the 7th and 10th of October. Art, Music, Performance and a hell lot of more stuff to do out there! You ll also fi...

01st Okt
art outside