IF THE KIDS at //:about blank

Berlin sees Mohak and Neokortex play Impulse / re.titled this Thursday at //:about blank. Don t be shy, come around to get your fix of bass to global to juke to techno. Gonna be unique! FB-Event

19th Nov
IF THE KIDS at //:about blank

Mimi The Hedgehog & Catnapp in Berlin

Mimi The Hedgehog, the bass / techno master from Toulouse, who fuses classical with electronic music, and Catnapp the "first one-girl band" from Buenos Aires are both landing in Berlin next week, and I m pretty stoked! Catch both of them here, or...

18th Sep
Mimi The Hedgehog & Catnapp in Berlin

CATNAPP “Make Your Speakers Boom” – out now

Or get it on Beatport Moombaplus says: "She is punk, the way Patti Smith was punk and is more of a vocalist than most other female bass music vocalist out there; she is cooler than Uffie in 2007, she has picked up where M.I.A. dropped off and is n...

10th Sep
CMYK b‡sico

Catnapp – Make Your Speakers Boom (Remixes EP)

The release "Catnapp - Make Your Speakers Boom (Remixes EP)" is out today! It s a special treat for you because we love you, so you can exclusively download the entire release for free, one week only! Afterwards you ll find it in all good online...

02nd Sep
CMYK b‡sico

Filastine “£00T” Album Presentation in Berlin

ITK headhoncho Mohak is organizing the album presentation of Filastine s new album " 00T" (Muti Music / Jarring Effects / Postworld Ind.) together with her re.titled (Impulse) crew here in Berlin, with media support from bln.fm. It s going down...

05th Jun
Filastine "£00T" Album Presentation in Berlin

ITK radio tonight!

Yes it s time again, ITK is back with a full show with moderation by Mohak and everything! She is back from her extensive trip to Argentina and Uruguay, has her mic back and hence the show gets some info transmitted next to bouncy music. Lots of ...

23rd Mrz
ITK radio tonight!

DJ Mixes: Neokortex & Mohak

Our man Neokortex, who did a remix of KungFused s "Toxic People", just put a very glitchy, very vinyl, very special mix together. Not to be missed! And label owner Mohak got into a warehouse feeling and did a bouncy techno mix. Party!

11th Feb

Preview: KungFused – Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

Oh boy, are we proud, motherfu**ing hell! This EP is a piece of sh**t f***ing work that has been put together, only with the finest of the finest people! KungFused from Barcelona on the beat/core/sampling buttons, Neokortex from Berlin and unsound...

23rd Jan
Preview: KungFused - Something Special 4 U (ITK003)

KUNGFUSED @ Tacheles Video

We finally managed to piece the remaining footage from the party together, that s the sound we play! Ok, there is no breakcore in every party but this one had a few really good melodical stems played by KungFused. WE HAD HEAPS OF FUN!!! KungFused...

15th Nov
KUNGFUSED @ Tacheles Video