“Waiting The Summer” Competition

On 1 Mai, 2011

So, it´s 1st of May and everybody is in the streets to celebrate or do other nice things that might or might not have an impact on society. We want to contribute to this special day and hence invented a little competition for you guys. As “Waiting The Summer” EP with Mimi The Hedgehog and KungFused is officially out today on our platform (all other digital shops will follow shortly) we have a bunch of goodies for you. 

Here is the deal: Please complete the following sentence “IF THE KIDS (ARE) …”

The funniest, most creative and inspiring entries have the chance to get these uplifting and life enhancing items for their personal happiness.

1) An original Berlin street stone collected on the 1st of May, stamped with the IF THE KIDS logo + an original oldschool cassette with “Waiting The Summer” EP + plus digital download of the EP (in case you have abandoned your walkman long ago).

2) “Waiting The Summer” on CD, personally created with lots of summer energy.

3) “Waiting The Summer” as digital download.

Please send your ideas to ifthekidsrec(at)gmail(dot)com and make us laugh.

And for everybody else, who might not be creative or just not as lucky to win, get a free download of KungFused “Morning Medicine” here!